Music Colleges Programmes

Students of Trakadoom  can also choose to go for the Trinity College London‘s graded Rock & Pop Course or Rock School of London Exams. Students will be taught to work through song books and slowly improve their technical skills as they move through playing classic and modern songs. The song list for the Trinity College Drum exams include songs by The Rolling Stones, the Who, R.E.M and Green Day.

This course is great for youngsters who want to start playing in a band soon and creating the basic skills that they will need as a rock and pop drummer. At each exam, students will be taught to play three songs and play one of the Session skills.

Expert Guidance by Franco Vaz

Franco Vaz will individually guide each student and give demos of every Backing track from the CD from the Rock & Pop Drum songbooks for each song prescribed in the syllabus and point out the technical skills that students will be required to display in their exams.

The Music That You will Learn

The drum training curriculum developed by the Trinity College is geared towards thoroughly enjoying yourself and also knowing and playing the music of the great bands of the past. If you are rock music lover, this course is ideal for you since you will be already familiar with the songs of classic and modern rock bands. Due to dynamic nature of the course, the Trinity College keeps updating the songs that you will be learning so that you never get bored playing the same old songs.

The best part of the course is that unlike traditional old school curriculum, the Trinity College Course lets you decide the set list for the exam in order to best display your proficiency. Also apart from choosing two songs from the set list you have the option to play your own cover version of a song or a song that you have composed yourself!