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"If you think of practicing as developing the muscles, you will eliminate the nervousness and hesitation in your playing. Remember, before anything can groove, it must feel good body-wise. The muscles have to be trained and stretched slowly in order for you to make them do what you want them to do.”

Trakadoom Institute of Drums and Percussion was born out of a single belief – The Art & Techniques of Playing Drums Must be Made Available to Anybody and Everybody with an inclination and a desire to play the Drums. In Mumbai there are a whole host of music schools out there most of whom teach a variety of instruments under one roof. Drums and percussion are bundled together along with other instruments and the quality of tutors for Drums and Percussion leaves much to be desired. Though convenient, this kind of learning can lead to a lack of rigour, focus, discipline and eventually frustration for the student who quickly abandons the pursuit of learning the drums because of a lack of a dedicated space and mainly due to the lack of coaches who can take him / her to the highest level.

Come Make Some Noise

This glaring lack of learning opportunities for something as exciting as Drums and Percussion made us start this institute in the belief that the city of Mumbai deserves a dedicated drum school manned by world class drummers who will create future generations of world class drummers. Playing drums for anyone whether they be beginners or experienced is a highly meditative and involving experience and connects us to our tribal hunter-gatherer selves. The heart is itself a percussion instrument beating to a steady rhythm (60 – 80 beats per minute at rest mode). From the moment we are born, an invisible rhythm controls our lives. Seen a child lately surrounded by his pots and pans?! A child loves to make noise?! Right from our dreaming patterns to our speech, gait and other activities throughout the day, rhythm is the backbone of our lives. Even our thoughts have a rhythm of their own. You just don’t know it yet!

Start Making Some Noise and let the world hear you!

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